Fall Line Up!

Greetings! I hope you’re still having a great summer! I’m so looking forward to the fall and all of the amazing things we have going on right out of the gate! Have a look below at our fall line up events! Blessings on your summer and we’ll see you soon! blessings, […]



Atonement Theology Discussion

Theology indeed matters! Tonight at Food & Faith we will be discussion the theology of the atonement in Christianity. We will look at the definition of atonement, historical context for the theology that developed in the Christian church, as well as classical and modern understandings of Christ’s atonement. In preparation, please […]

Galatians 4-6

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow evening (yes, we’re meeting on Easter Monday) we will gather for the conclusion of Galatians – chapters 4-6. For those who missed chapters 1-3, here’s our take-away: Paul is writing to the people of Galatia because they’ve been influenced by Christian Jews who believe one should be […]

galatia letter


Paul goes to Rome

On Monday we’ll be considering Paul’s final journey to Rome, Acts 23 – 28. This is a pretty long stretch to the end of Acts – if you’re up for reading the whole thing, more power to you! It’s pretty repetitive as it moves the plot along. Here are some key […]

Acts 16-19 for Monday

Hi Everyone, Simon-Luc is leading our study of Acts this week on chapters 16-19! This is the majority of Paul’s second journey (see map below). Please take a look at the chapters with SL’s questions in mind: 1. This section of Acts is rife with resistance from Jews and Gentiles […]


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Acts 13-15 for Monday

“My brothers, you know that in the early days God made a choice among you, that I should be the one through whom the Gentiles would hear the message of the good news and become believers. And God, who knows the human heart, testified to them by giving them the […]

From Dust We Come . . .

. . . to dust we go . . . for God is our beginning and our end. In the middle, between our end and our beginning, where is God in our lives? Where is God speaking into our lives, or perhaps showing up cleverly disguised as our lives? The season of […]


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Theology Pub on Monday!

Hi Food & Faithers, This coming Monday is Family Day in BC and the following week is Reading Week at UBC, so we’re going to suspend Acts for 2 weeks. This coming Monday, Feb 8, you’re invited to Koerner’s Pub at 5:30 for Theology Pub! Campus Ministry will buy a […]

ACTS 10-12: Peter’s Ministry, Message, and Incarceration

This past week we looked at the stories of “Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch” and the “Conversion of Saul.” We had an engaging conversation about the ways in which God communicates with us. What do you do when God ambiguously asks you to go over there? Do you go, not […]

Peter and animals

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Acts 8 & 9

This week we looked at Acts 5-7 and noticed the brief description of events, layered with long monologues of theology. The early church is on point with their messaging, though organizing and re-organizing themselves as opposition moves in against them. Gamaliel then stands up to the council and reminds them that […]