Monthly Archives: April 2015

Esther Tonight

All are encouraged to attend our AGM tonight – we will be voting on officers for next year. Even if you won’t be around next year, this is an important moment for the continuation of the club and its ability to impact lives. Please join us! After the business part of […]

Synopsis of Esther II (from April 13)

In case you’re busy with finals or something, here’s what we’ve been discussing about Esther . . . Ch 3-6 Important points in the story: 2:21 – Mordecai is a city guard and hears that 2 servants of the king plotting against him. Esther shared the news with the king […]

Esther 3-6 Reading Assignment…?

We continue our Esther story with chapters 3 through 6 next Monday! Preparing for this story in the last week, I’ve found myself being surprised by new insights every time I would sit down to read Esther. It’s a rich story full of nuance and cultural significance that can be […]