Monthly Archives: October 2015

Food & Faith Monday

Hi Food & Faithers, Happy Halloween, everyone! Looks like the earth didn’t get hit today by the Great Pumpkin (dead) Comet, as expected! It passed by earth within 1.3x the earth-moon distance! I hope that’s the closest you come to danger on this Halloween Night! Have fun! I’m looking forward to […]

Proverbs for your Week

Hi Everyone, Another fantastic group last night! We talked through one of the shorter sections of Proverbs and talked about where God is in the text. We thought that God and faith are implied in the text and these proverbs were an attempt to teach us how to live faithfully […]

Food & Faith Tonight

Yup, we’re meeting tonight! We’ll gather at 5:30 (5pm for set-up and hang out) for dinner and then we’ll look at Proverbs 22:17-24:34 – 2 short sections of this book that come from different sources. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Retreat: Rooting and Practicing our Faith

With all of the crazy that life – particularly University life – brings, let’s explore some Christian spiritual practices and find what really works for us. Everyone is different – we all experience God differently and find roots in our tradition in different ways. Let’s gather to try on Christian […]

Proverbs 7-15

This week we will learn about chapters 7-15 of Proverbs. Chapters 7-9 are the conclusion of the beginning narrative on Wisdom; chapters 10-15 are chapters of proverbs by Solomon. We will study the verses and learn about the structure of Biblical poetry. As you read in preparation, pay attention to what […]