Monthly Archives: October 2016

Genesis 24-28

  Hi Everyone!   Monday is Halloween and Food & Faith gathers at 5:30 for dinner and Bible study! I’m going to come in costume and I encourage you all to do the same! We should end early enough for people to get to parties or whatever else is going […]

Sacrifice of Isaac

This coming Monday, the minister at University Hill, Aaron Miller, will come and lead a Lectio Divina exercise on the Sacrifice of Isaac. We’re scheduled to cover chapters 18-23, but will focus most of our time on that one story. For those less familiar with Lectio Dvinina, it’s a tool for […]

The Call of Abraham

Tonight we will continue our reading of Genesis with chapters 12-17, the first portion of the Abraham story. In preparation for our gathering, please consider the following excerpts from Genesis: * 12:1-9 – the Call of Abram 13:1-9, 14-18 – Abram & Lot Separate 14:13-20 – Abram rescues Lot 15:1-6, 17-21 […]

Noah and the Flood

Hi Food & Faithers, This week we’re going to look at the entire story of Noah, including the epilogue! Glen is going to begin the hour with chapters 6 & 7, and I will follow with 8-11. Chapter 6 – corruption of humanity, favour of Noah, Noah builds Ark Chapter […]