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Trinity Discussion on Monday and More!

Hi Everyone, We had a great gathering last night for the conclusion of Revelation! What an experience it has been studying through the book with you all! A pastor friend of mine asked recently what I like so much about the book of Revelation; here’s what I said: “I’m reading […]

Conclusion of Revelation!

Hi Everyone, We’ll, we’ve done it! This year we’ve gone from the beginning of the Beginning (Genesis) to the end of the END (Revelation!) . . . except we skipped the middle. Haha! I’ve really enjoyed Revelation and hope you have, too! So, for tomorrow night we’ll look at the […]

Revelation 18-20 tonight!

I hope you had a great weekend and got lots of work done – that’s always the hope, right! We’re almost at the end of Revelation – I sent out a rather long summary of chapters 1-17 before the weekend for those who haven’t been able to make it consistently. […]

Revelation Summary Ch 1-17

Apocalypse: We often think of end of the world things when we hear Revelation, but in fact Revelation in Greek is Apocalypsis (apocalypse). So, it’s more about revealing and disclosure of things previously unknown than it is about the end of the world. Living in Anticipation of Christ: Instead of “calendarizing” through the book of Revelation, […]

Revelation 15-17

Hi Everyone, I’m imagining things are busy for everyone – we’ve had small gatherings the past few weeks with great discussions and always prayer for our wider community. Here’s a prayer for you now: God, be in the minds and hearts of the students in our midst. Inspire them, support […]