Tribes of Israel

What a whirlwind tour it has been of Genesis this term! The story of our beginning is long, complex, full of family dynamics, human limitations, and the movement of God that brings reconciliation and life.
We had a great study of chapters 41-45 this past Monday. We noticed so much anguish going on between the brothers, as they try and survive through the famine, have brothers taken and imprisoned by Joseph (who they didn’t recognize) . . . and Joseph’s own feelings of dealing with the brothers who sold him into slavery. God uses Pharaoh’s dream, Joseph’s gift for interpreting dreams, the sin of the brothers in selling Joseph in the first place, God’s way of reconciliation and many other things to bring the family of Abraham into a place of survival through the famine and into prosperity.
In Genesis 46-50, we see Jacob’s family move to Egypt, followed by the end of Jacob’s life and his patriarchal blessing to them that also names them as the 12 tribes of Israel. 
It’s also time to begin thinking about what we want to study next term . . . may I suggest something 40 chapters or less (there are only about 6 books over 40 chapters)? : ) Spend a few moments thinking and praying about it and we’ll talk on Monday.
We’ll gather as usual downstairs in Epiphany chapel at 5pm for set-up, 5:30 for dinner, followed by Bible study at 6pm and worship at 7.

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