Revelation Chapters 1-3

Happy New Year, everyone!!
I hope you had a great break and are well rested for a new term! I got so much rest over the past few weeks that I often didn’t know what day it was – glorious! I’m back on campus on Monday, just in time for Food & Faith to start back up.
We’re going to take on Revelation this term. I’m going to have candy for people who say the name correctly (there is no S in Revelation), but more importantly, I’m really excited about exploring this book because it is packed with imagery and meaning! “The Revelation” in Greek is Apocalypsis, a word we generally associate with the end times . . . but what if it’s more about revealing something true about the Bible, about Jesus, about life and us?? Or it could be the end of the world as we know it . . . or something : )
We’ll begin on Monday with chapters 1-3, which give an introduction and messages to several Christian communities (at Ephesius, Smyrna, Pergamum, etc). We will look at the text, but will likely spend more time getting oriented to Revelation with studies on words, like eschatology, apocalypse, and prophet. If you find any interesting info on these words, please bring it with you to contribute to the discussion!
We’ll be back to our usual pattern of setting up at 5pm, eating at 5:30, followed by an hour of Bible study and 30 min of worship/communion. Looking forward to gathering with you all on Monday at Epiphany Chapel!

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