Gospel of John Beginning Monday!

This coming Monday we will be beginning our study of John’s Gospel, what is known as the spiritual gospel. We will be following a study guide by N.T. Wright, who says of John’s gospel, “It gives the appearance of being written by someone who was a very close friend of Jesus, and who spent the rest of his life mulling over more and more deeply, what Jesus has done and said and achieved, praying it through from every angle, and helping others to understand it. Countless people down the centuries have found that, through reading this Gospel, the figure of Jesus becomes real for them, full of light and warmth and promise.” Let us enter this journey with wonder and see how Jesus speaks to us and journeys along side us.

Join us this Monday at 5:30 for dinner, followed by Bible study and worship.


Karen Hollis (Campus Minister to the Food & Faith Community)

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