John 2 & 3

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Last week we looked at the beginning of John, which emphasizes the closeness between Jesus and God. Jesus is the Word/Verb of God, so by listening to what Jesus says and learning about what he does, we learn about God. So this coming Monday, let’s learn more about God . . .
In preparation for this week, I encourage you to read John chapters 2 and 3, as we will only get to part of the content. Here are some questions to consider from N.T. Wright as we look ahead to our study . . .
John 2:1-12
How is this sign at the wedding an example of the transforming power of God’s love?
John 2:13-25
How might you have responded if you had been a Jew worshiping in the temple on that day?
At this point in your encounters with Jesus through John’s Gospel, what is your response to him and his signs?
John 3:1-21
The Judaism that Nicodemus and Jesus both knew had a good deal to do with being born in to the right family. What mattered was being a child of Abraham. Why did Nicodemus find Jesus’ words so difficult to believe?
In verses 10-13, we have the first of many passages in which Jesus speaks about a new knowledge – indeed a new sort of knowing. What do we learn about this new sort of knowing?
I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

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