Kindness Week Gathering on Monday

This Monday, October 2nd, is the beginning of Kindness Week at UBC, hosted by the Multifaith Chaplain’s Association. We will be opening our table to UBC students who would like to engage the topic of Kindness with our Bible study.
In preparation for Monday, please read John 5:1-18, a story of Jesus healing on the Sabbath. We will work through this story with our Kindness Week guests in a similar way to our previous gatherings this fall. Here are some questions to consider with the text:
– Why does Jesus ask the man lying sick beside the pool if he wants to be made well?
– What is Jesus’ response to the Judeans who confront him about healing on the Sabbath? What does Jesus’ response mean and why does it make his opponents so angry (v. 18)?
Have a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!
Campus Minister

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