John 9 on Monday

Hi Everyone,

I’m shocked to look outside and see a bit of dry pavement this afternoon. We’re still in for a wet weekend! I guess it’s a good weekend for studying – lucky you!!
Take a little break from your books and papers to read John 9 and 10. We will be looking at chapter 9 this week (but read 10 to keep up with the story). I have another script for us to read because the story of the blind man who receives sight is another one better understood when we can see the characters interacting.
Here are some questions to get you thinking about the story from NT Wright:
1. In verses 2-5 there is a belief and rebuttal about people born with disabilities – how do these arguments compare with our modern understanding?
2. The synagogue was the focus of the whole community. If you were put out of the synagogue, you’d probably be better off leaving the area altogether. The man’s parents are afraid, because they know the threat against anyone saying Jesus is the Messiah. They are anxious for their social standing, their livelihood, perhaps their lives. How does the way the blind man’s parents respond to the Judeans reflect this fear?
3. Track the progression of belief of the formerly blind man – how and why do his beliefs change?
4. How is verse 41 a complete reversal of where the chapter began?
If you want to come early on Monday to help set up, you’re most welcome! The building is open by 5pm – some of us will be there, putting coffee on and setting the table. We’ll have dinner in Epiphany Chapel at 5:30, followed by Bible study. See you there!
Karen (campus minister)

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