John 15 on Monday

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow we will be continuing with John 15. I encourage you to read the chapter and any other chapters to get you caught up. Here are some questions for your consideration, compliments of NT Wright:
1. In the first 3 verses of this chapter, what does each element – vine, gardener, branches, fruit – represent?
2. Read Isaiah 5:1-7 and Psalm 80:8-18. How do these passages shed light on what Jesus is saying about himself as the “true vine”?
3. Branches that decide to “go it alone,” try living without the life of the vine, soon discover their mistake. They wither and die and are good for nothing but the fire. The urgent question, then, is this: How do we “remain” in him? What does this look like in practice?
4. What does Jesus mean when he says that his followers are not “from this world” (v. 19)?
See you tomorrow evening at Epiphany Chapel! Dinner is at 5:30, followed by Bible study!

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