John 18-19 on Monday

Hi Everyone,

I missed you all last Monday on our week off – it’s always so long between gatherings when we skip a week! I had a restorative day off – I hope you did, too! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s gathering. We will be studying John 18-19; these texts are read in their entirety on Good Friday (day Jesus is crucified) each year in the Catholic and Revised Common Lectionary cycles. So if you have attended a Good Friday service in the past, you will have heard these readings.
Please read over John 18-19 if you can in preparation for tomorrow evening. Notice all of the characters in this account of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion – with which character(s) do you identify? Which character(s) can you relate to? The women? The soldiers? Peter? Pilate? Jesus? Malchus?
After tomorrow night we will have 2 more gatherings before the end of the term.
November 27 – conclusion of John . . . the resurrection!
December 3 – end of term party! 
We’ll see you for dinner tomorrow night at 5:30 at Epiphany Chapel! The student leaders of F&F will be leading the group in a discussion over dinner of our club constitution – the group will need to decide on some changes to the document. If there is time, we will also talk about what to study next term – give that some thought.
UCC Campus Minister

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