Blessed are… students who enjoy a good BBQ!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to Food and Faith’s first Monday Night Meal earlier this week!

We greeted new members, caught up on Food and Faith as a club and a community, and collected ideas for the ways in which our community would like to explore faith in the coming semester and year, from movie nights and plays to workshops and hospitality. We also started out our weekly hosting of the Bible with a passage from the book of Matthew: the Beatitudes. A series of blessings that Jesus delivered in his sermon on the mount, recorded in Matthew 5:1-11 (the link is from the New Revised Standard Version), this passage is one that is closely held in the hearts of many Christians regardless of denomination.

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Our next Monday Night Meal will be once again at the auditorium in the basement of the Chapel of the Epiphany, at 6030 Chancellor Boulevard (a map with directions from various places on campus is at the bottom of the post). We will be fleshing out the ideas we explored for Food and Faith events in the coming year, and our hosting of the Bible will explore Matthew 5:1-16, continuing on the conversation on the Beatitudes we began this week. We encourage you to bring any translations of the Bible, and this passage, that you find interesting or significant to you! Snacks will be at 5:00pm, and dinner at 5:30pm.

Also next week, returning students and members old and new of Food and Faith are invited to University Hill Congregation’s Welcome to Students BBQ!

What: UHill’s Welcome to Students BBQ, a free lunch offering of burgers and hot dogs for new and returning students of UBC!
Where: The Auditorium in the basement of the Chapel of the Epiphany, 6030 Chancellor Boulevard.
When: Sunday, September 21st, around 12:00 noon (right after 10:30am worship!)
Note: both veggie and meat options will be served!

We’ll see you at one, the other, or both events!

Path to Chapel of the Epiphany

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