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Our emblem: the Cup (Communion, for Food) and the Flame (the Spirit, for Faith)


Our world is more connected than ever. Yet, even in the midst of our fast-changing, interrelated world, we often find ourselves longing for a deeper sense of connection, rootedness, and authentic relationships. This desire can be especially strong during our University years.

The Food and Faith Community is an AMS campus club that seeks to respond to these challenges by fostering a community at UBC that extends hospitality, deepens spirituality, and builds authentic relationships.

We are an inclusive and deeply rooted Christian community committed to exploring the mystery of God together and learning what it means to follow Jesus in our time and place. We value openness, respect, and diversity in conversation, meaning that each person makes us a different and more vibrant community. At the same time, we have core convictions that guide and enrich our conversations, bringing depth and insight to all areas of life. We do this primarily through our weekly Monday Night Meals where we enjoy free food and deep conversations, and occasional retreats and activities throughout the year.

Rev. Karen Hollis shepherds Food and Faith, acting as guide and pastor for our community.  Karen welcomes all students looking to engage life’s big questions and is always happy to meet over coffee or tea.  She is a member of the UBC Chaplain’s Association is available to answer questions you may have about the club or anything else that might interest you. Karen is the Campus Minister for the United Church of Canada at UBC and on the pastoral staff at University Hill Congregation. Click here to contact Karen.

Join us in discovering what the Spirit is up to in our lives and our communities as the was to a fuller life and a better world.

What People are Saying About Food & Faith:

Last year, we asked some of our students to share with us their experience of the past year. Here is what some of them wrote:

“In my over two years since attending, I have had a lot of ups and downs with my faith. I have been able to get through these challenges with the amazing support from the Food and Faith Community. Coming to UBC, I was finding it difficult to balance what I was learning in class with my Christian beliefs I had learned growing up. This community of people has really been teaching me that I can be a scientist while remaining a lover of God’s word. I consider this group my church and our meetings my weekly service, and I am glad to have found one as great as this.”

“The University of British Columbia is so huge, you get lucky if you can find a small community you can be part of – even luckier if the community is based around something good. The Food and Faith Community has grown into something that is incredibly honest and personal, and is an integral part of my spiritual life. Having been in plenty of superficial ‘give all the right answers’ Bible studies, it has been incredible to be part of a group that will take the difficult and uncomfortable texts of the Bible and engage them at a personal level.”

“Food and Faith to me is like the ideal church community. Everyone contributes, and every thought about a bible passage is valid. We are free to discover what we feel is true without external bias. Discussions that would not be heard because they do not fit the ‘accepted’ interpretation are accepted at our table. Our community feels complete as we share a meal together and discuss our excitements and worries about the week to come. I have made some of my deepest friendships through Food and Faith and I always look forward to our Monday Night Meals.”

Elected Club Officials

President: Emma Verngård

Vice-President: Elizabeth Tilley

Treasurer: Angela O’Donnell

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