Worship on Campus


Many of our students worship with University Hill Congregation, the United Church community that meetsin the Chapel of the Epiphany on campus every Sunday. The chapel is lined with windows, giving us a connection to the natural world while worshiping. 

Not only is there the opportunity to participate in the worship life of the community while attending classes, there are also opportunities for leadership including worship, music, church school and volunteer opportunities such as the preparation of food and service for the First United Mission for the poor and vulnerable in the Downtown Eastside.

chapelwebimageThe congregation is incredibly welcoming to the many students who walk through our doors. Many students who are far from the familiar, find a home at University Hill with people who care about their lives and well being. In July of 2016 we received a new Congregational Minister, Aaron Miller, from Ontario. Aaron is in his mid-thirties and is very exited about serving on the UBC campus!

Contact the campus minister Karen Hollis for more information or any one of the University Hill Staff.

Worship is held every Sunday at 10:30am.

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