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Karen Hollis

I was born and raised in Washington State, where I was a member of the United Church of Christ. I attended seminary at Seattle University after completing bachelor’s degrees in physics and astronomy at the University of Washington. I served several churches in the Seattle area as intern and Minister for Children & Families from 2007 – 2014, before moving to British Columbia. I have been blessed with this amazing ministry at UBC and the United Church of Canada since December of 2014, and was ordained in June of 2016. 

I have always been drawn to what God is doing in the every day and strive to live in that place of connection. I lean on prayer and discernment to guide and deepen my experience of life. 

Karen at the Manashtash Ridge Observatory, Ellensburg, WA.

Reflecting back on my own time at university, those years were filled with so much learning about theworld and the breadth of human experience, as well as learning how to live independently. I had big questions about the world, which physics didn’t completely answer. Ultimately, the synthesis of my scientific mind and devotional heart led me to a life of faith, rooted in experience. The university years are a rich, exciting, complex and challenging time and it is such an honour to walk with students as they engage the dynamics of university life. I am continually blown away by the wisdom and love of God in the young people I meet at UBC. I continually pray for God’s hand to guide students through these years and inspire them to courageously live into who God calls them to be. Whether you are a believer, seeker or doubter, you are welcome here! Come for a cup of tea and a chat – I look forward to meeting you!

positive space

In 2016 I took the Positive Space Training at UBC to become a Positive Space Resource Person. The United Church of Canada and I are committed to creating safe and sacred spaces for all people of God, no matter who you are or who you love. We were all made in God’s image – a beautiful rainbow of diversity!

Karen is a member of the UBC Chaplain’s Association and is on the pastoral staff at University Hill Congregation United Church of Canada.

Contact Karen at or 604.828.8797.

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