Monday Night Meals

Year-end Monday Night Meal, April 2013.

Year-end Monday Night Meal, April 2013.


Every Monday evening during the school year, the Food and Faith Community, shares a communal meal together (gluten free and vegetarian friendly). We gather to share food, friendship, and our faith, and explore what the Spirit might be up to in the world together. The meal is free and delicious – there are usually leftovers to be taken home! Our students are both local and international, and come from a range of backgrounds. Many grew up in the Christian church, and some are exploring Christianity with us for the first time. 

After dinner we usually study the Bible together for about an hour, after which we sing and worship together – every other week it includes communion.

Food & Faith is an AMS student club, hosted by the United Church of Canada Campus Ministry. Our meals are held in the lower floor of the Chapel of the Epiphany (location of University Hill Congregation). Click here to see it on a map. The building is accessible – feel free to let us know if you have particular needs. 



A typical Bible study after dinner.

Arriving at Food and Faith for the first time, you can expect very friendly, down to earth people. We understand how nervous one can be coming to a group for the first time – we were nervous the first time, too – so we work really hard to help people feel welcome and a part of the group. If you have questions or hesitations before you, please feel free to contact the Campus Minister, and she will give you a hand and answer any questions you may have. To have a good idea who we are, check out our About Us page and the statement of our Mission. You decide if it is right for you or not.

Our Monday Night Meals are an informal affair. We always have the chance to hang out, drink tea/coffee, set up and chat at 5pm. By 5:30 we like to be giving thanks for our food and sitting down to eat. Though not all of our members are vegetarian or gluten/dairy free, we intentionally provide a meal that works for most people. We chat informally over dinner and share announcements or points of interest for people.


Bibles and dessert!

Following our food, it is also our custom to host a text from the Bible. For the past few years we have been studying a book of the Bible at a time – Exodus, Esther, Proverbs, Letters of John, Acts, Galatians – depending on the length, we’ll spend 2-8 weeks on each book (2-3 chapters per week). Our text does not limit our conversation, but acts as the centre piece and guide that enriches our conversations. On the
homepage, you can scroll through the weekly blog posts and see the kinds of questions we ask as a jumping off place. One person generally studies the selected chapters during the week and leads a presentation and discussion after dinner. Studying a whole book has proved to be a profound way for us to learn together in community. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, so all perspectives are welcome to be discussed at the ta
ble. There are no dumb or outrageous questions. 

In previous years, we have celebrated the practice of Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist or Lord’s Supper) weekly or monthly at the end of the evening. Here we share bread and wine in a re-membering of Jesus’ last days with his disciples before his crucifixion as a mystery-filled ritual. We practice an open table,
meaning that Christian baptism is not required for participation in this meal. Though it is somewhat out of order (communion is usually seen as a continuation of one’s baptism), we recognize that Jesus himself was often out of order, welcoming the least expected to the table. Do not feel pressured to take part, either, as it can be equally as powerful to watch it unfold.

Then, of course, we clean up, and are grateful for any assistance doing dishes and wiping off tables following our meal 🙂

For more information please call 604-828.8797 or send us an email at

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