Our Mission

SL imagine day 2015

Food and Faith is an open and inclusive Christian community dedicated to exploring the mystery of God together and learning what it means to follow Jesus in this time and place. Together, we are discovering the work of the Spirit in our lives and our communities as the way to a fuller life and a better world.

We are an AMS campus club committed to extending hospitality, deepening spirituality, and building authentic relationships at UBC and beyond. We are connected to and find our roots in the tradition of the United Church of Canada, but are seeking to be broadly ecumenical and welcoming in our approach. We do this through:

  • Extending Hospitality: We value openness, respect and diversity in conversation. We welcome all to join with us regardless of who they are, where they come from, or where ever they may be on life’s journey. At the same time, we are community that finds its roots and its life within the Christian tradition, so we come with core convictions. These are not used to set boundaries, but are there to guide and inform our conversations. All are welcome to join and bring who they are and what they believe to the table.
  • Building Authentic Relationships: We desire to offer a safe space where we can share our faith, our joys and our sorrows with other people for the purpose of mutual listening and support, and a place where people can form lasting friendships. A place where we can deepen our relationship with God, each other and our whole world. We bring together people with their questions and passions in a loving and supportive community that also works to make the world a slightly better place.
  • Deepening Spirituality:  We seek to be a community where people can grow in faith and spirituality and be nurtured as disciples of Jesus Christ in our time and place in a spirit of generosity. We foster this through discussion, engagement with the Bible, mutual encouragement and through a variety of spiritual practices rooted in the broader Christian tradition. We also do this by engaging in mutually respectful conversation with those of other faith traditions or no faith background at all. We hope to be a transformative community that supports each other in developing spiritual maturity.

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