In 2016 we supported the AMS food bank with other faith based AMS clubs connected with the Interfaith Chaplaincy. We baked a lot of cookies and traded them for donations to the food bank both in the Nest during the week and at University Hill on Sunday mornings. We’d like to do something like this again in 2016-17 – where will our ideas take us?!!0209161344a-1

Katie is very strong, very strong indeed! She pushed this cart all through Costco!



We donated all of this to the AMS food bank!


ams food bank

We think it’s important for students to be fed – you can’t learn if you’re hungry! We also think it’s important for students to understand how far their money goes so they can make good choices. Here’s a link to the AMS Food Bank. Here’s a link to the breakdown of UBC Food Plans (coming soon).