2017-18 Retreats!

Fall Retreat 2017

Meet Jesus at the Well

September 29 – October 1

Agassiz, BC


We are grateful to be hosted by Agassiz United Church for our fall retreat on the last weekend of September. We will carpool over on Friday night and come home Sunday after worship with the Agassiz United congregation. We look forward to spending the weekend getting to know each other better, learning with scripture together, visiting Harrison Hot Springs and spending time in God’s beautiful creation!

Retreat Theme Description: Water has always been and will always be an important part of life. That Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at a well, shows the centrality of this resource. But beyond basic need, people in Jesus’ day knew how water that flows in a river or makes up the ocean, has a different energy because it is connected to something universal. “Living water” is thus suitable for purification and on a symbolic level, indicates that the psyche is dead unless it maintains a constant connection to the streams of universal life.[1] Jesus uses this image to teach the woman he meets at the well, and later her whole village, about the life he offers. Jesus breaks down two primary barriers to bring this message to the people: he takes the path through Samaria, when most Jews try to stay away, and he talks with the woman even though she doesn’t have a husband to engage Jesus in a culturally appropriate conversation. But Jesus is unbothered by both of these things and though tired from his journey, takes the time to share his message. Jesus offers her and her community not water from a well or a river, but the free, unstoppable force of life that flows freely through us when we come to know him. In what ways does Jesus’ living water bring you life? In what ways do you feel unworthy to meet Jesus? How does Jesus break down the cultural/social/personal barriers between you and him?

[1] Parabola Magazine, Summer 2009, p. 85.


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Winter Retreat!

Hospitality Workshop1We’re putting together a one day retreat in Vancouver for a Saturday or Sunday in January 2017.

Details will come after Fall term begins.