Tribes of Israel

What a whirlwind tour it has been of Genesis this term! The story of our beginning is long, complex, full of family dynamics, human limitations, and the movement of God that brings reconciliation and life. We had a great study of chapters 41-45 this past Monday. We noticed so much […]

Joseph During the Famine

It’s almost the end of the weekend and I’m working on preparations for tomorrow night, as we are in the final stretch of Genesis. We’ll be wrapping up the story of our beginnings with Joseph and his participation in the blessing passed down from his great grandfather, Abraham. Joseph has […]

Genesis 29-35 Monday

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely extra hour today of studying or even better, sleeping! I certainly enjoyed my hour of sleep! Life is busy and full, and we could all use a respite and some time to drink from the wellspring of God. Today perhaps that […]

Genesis 24-28

  Hi Everyone!   Monday is Halloween and Food & Faith gathers at 5:30 for dinner and Bible study! I’m going to come in costume and I encourage you all to do the same! We should end early enough for people to get to parties or whatever else is going […]

Sacrifice of Isaac

This coming Monday, the minister at University Hill, Aaron Miller, will come and lead a Lectio Divina exercise on the Sacrifice of Isaac. We’re scheduled to cover chapters 18-23, but will focus most of our time on that one story. For those less familiar with Lectio Dvinina, it’s a tool for […]

The Call of Abraham

Tonight we will continue our reading of Genesis with chapters 12-17, the first portion of the Abraham story. In preparation for our gathering, please consider the following excerpts from Genesis: * 12:1-9 – the Call of Abram 13:1-9, 14-18 – Abram & Lot Separate 14:13-20 – Abram rescues Lot 15:1-6, 17-21 […]

Noah and the Flood

Hi Food & Faithers, This week we’re going to look at the entire story of Noah, including the epilogue! Glen is going to begin the hour with chapters 6 & 7, and I will follow with 8-11. Chapter 6 – corruption of humanity, favour of Noah, Noah builds Ark Chapter […]

Genesis begins Monday

Join us on Monday, Sept 26 for the beginning of the beginning . . . the book of Genesis. We’ll start with presentations and discussions led by various students on the first 4 chapters. Give them a read in preparation and look for an email from Kathryn if you’re on […]

Food & Faith Monday – Intro to the Bible

Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve had a good weekend – maybe had some rest or accomplished a good amount of work . . . maybe even had some fun! You’re invited once again to begin your week with Food & Faith tomorrow evening at 5:30. We’ll gather for soup & […]

Food & Faith Starts Tonight!

  Food & Faith will gather this evening at 5:30pm for dinner, conversation about the term – what do we want to do for Bible study, beginning conversations about climate justice, fall retreat, and other announcements – and we hope to have a few minutes to sing together to close […]